CarFinance 247 launches customer app

CarFinance 247 launches customer app

CarFinance 247 launches customer app

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CarFinance 247 is an online broker. They conducted a research and found that customers loved the direct contact they had with agents. However, they wanted their interaction to advance to their fingertips, that is via text as well as in-app chats. Therefore, the company decided to invest a six-figure sum into the development of the app (Read more).

The large amount that has been invested is worth it. It will be very beneficial for customers. They will have access to agents within reach of their hands. Getting a used car on finance and lease will be easier for the customer than it was ever before. Customers can easily interact directly with the agent. Any queries can be solved instantly, without any wastage of time.

The customers cannot just chat with the agents to get answers to any queries, they can also get instant quotes, so the process of getting a car will not be long or hectic, the process can be started as soon as possible, and you can get to the buying process easily and quickly. The push notification option will allow users to have the latest information about potential cars without having to spend large amounts of time researching for suitable options.

As of now, the app provides 110,000 vehicles available for sale. You can find something you like from the wide options the app has to offer. Future upgrades are expected from the app. These upgrades will include options to add photographs and to authenticate documents alongside the advertisement. For further security of the app, a finger print authentication system is also expected. All these features will help the customers as well as the seller with finance agreements.

The app is a self-service facility that can make car leasing very easy. The process of interaction is also very beneficial.

CarFinance 247 launches customer app
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CarFinance 247 launches customer app
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